Rohit Adhikari And Deepak Raj Giri’s Outrage For Multiplex Halls When Dabangg 3 Got More Shows

Recently Salman Khan starrer Dabangg 3 has been released. Dabangg 3, released on Friday captured almost all the multiplexes of Nepal. This film has got 88 shows in QFX alone. The movie occupied multiplexes since there was no Nepali movie in the hall for a long time.

Back when “Cha Maya Chapakkai” was released it got less shows compared to hindi movies in multiplexes. Rohit Adhikari, the producer of the movie “Chha Maya Chhapakkai”, has expressed his rage over the cinema halls when outstanding number of shows  are given to “Dabang 3”.

Rohit Adhikari in his Facebook wall writes…

Supporting Rohit Adhikari, Deepak Raj Giri on his Facebook handle writes…


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