Rishi Dhamala’s Wife Aliza Goutam Cased File Against Troll Kollywood?

Aliza Goutam starrer “Anuraag” movie recently came to YouTube on OSR Digital’s official channel. The movie didn’t do well in the cinema halls but it is doing great on YouTube during this lockdown.

Recently, a Facebook-based meme page “Troll Kollywood” shared a post giving negative feedback on the movie which triggered the actress Aliza Goutam and she has posted series of posts on her Facebook wall which suggests that she has cased filed against Troll Kollywood on cybercrime grounds. However, the official news is yet to come.

Have a look at the post shared by Troll Kollywood”

This is how Aliza Goutam reacted to Troll Kollywood’s post.

After much criticism on comments she’s removed the below post from her Facebook profile, however we have a screen grab.

Deleted post by Aliza Goutam

Watch Aliza Goutam’s Anuraag.


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