Review Of Jatrai Jatra : Counterfeit Money Replaced By Gold?

Review Of Movie Jatrai Jatra

“Jatrai Jatra” released on Jestha 03. “Jatrai Jatra” is a sequel to it’s antecedent “Jatra” released on 26th of Kartik 2073.

In the previous part of this movie Fadindra (Bipin Karki), Joyesh (Rabindra Singh Baniya) and Munna (Rabindra Jha) get arrested for bags full of bogus money. And in this sequel they have been found innocent by the court and have been released from the jail before the date. Now the three of the friends decide to separate from each other. Munna manages to open a Barber Shop in an open place, Fadindra tries his luck by getting a job of taxi driver and Joyesh end up with a job of oxygen cylinder carrying guy.

One day Fadindra finds 10 Kg of gold in his taxi while he was dropping a passenger Dawa (Dayahang Rai). Fadindra then decides to keep the gold and tells his friend Munna and Joyesh about the gold stuff. The rest of the story goes in and around with these three friends fighting and hiding golds from the gangsters and the rightful owners.

What is the good in Jatrai Jatra?

The technical aspects of the film are fine. The cinematography by Shiva Ram Shrestha is not bad. The actors of the film did their best in the acting stuff, they have the natural acting and it feels that you are just between them and are part of them. The dialogues used are worth applauding. The comic timing of the actors is satisfactory. Overall the movie keeps the audiences tied.

What is the bad in Jatrai Jatra?

The starting of the movie seems to be quite rushy and hurried. At first the character of Daya Hang Rai seems to misfit the plot. There are some scenes in the movie that make no sense at all. In the second half of the movie;  Fadindra’s wife (Sampada) has been sexually assaulted by her brother-in-law which she tells in her drunken state while she was drinking with her laws and husband. Fadindra and Sampada then make him apologize about the assault. But that’s it. The very case is never shown in the movie, instead of keeping such senseless scene dircetor Pradip Bhattarai could have shortned the length of the movie. Also the major bad of the movie is that the sequel is just the same as it’s antecedent “Jatra”. Just cleverly director Pradip Bhattarai replaced the counterfeit money with 10 Kg of gold. Also the ending of the movie is not satisfactory. The antecedent “Jatra” and the sequel portrays Fadindra as innocent, loyal and a decent man but at the end; the movie doesn’t justify the character of it’s main hero.

In conclusion the film is fine for a watch but there’s nothing new and exciting.

Director: Pradip Bhattarai

Actors: Bipin Karki, Rabindra Singh Baniya, Rabindra Jha, Barsha Raut

Star Rating: 2.5/5



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