Rautahat Acid Attack Victim Kicks The Bucket

The 18-year-old young lady from Rautahat who was admitted to Kirtpur Hospital after a acid assault has kicked the bucket, specialists engaged with her treatment say.

Doctors at Kirtipur Hospital, where Samjhana was conceded after a man attacked acid on her recently, said the 18-year-old passed on from serious burns and various organ disfunctions. Infected parts of her body began getting seriously contaminated. Additionally, issues were found in her kidney and chest while pulse dropped bit by bit.

Samjhana Das and her 15-year-old sister Susmita were attacked on September 11 at their home in from Chandrapur municipality-6, Rautahat.

Rambabu Paswan, a neighborhood matured around 50, purportedly tossed acid on the Das sisters in the night while they were sleeping. Locales said that Paswan had been following Samjhana and needed to wed her.

The corrosive had affected all body parts, including the face. Her sister Sushmita, in any case, is out of threat. Police have just caught  Paswan.

Sushmita, who is recouping, is relied upon to be released not long from now. In any case, she says she is haunted by the memory of that night they were assaulted. Sushmita did not think about Samjhana’s demise until the point that her body was taken for a post-mortem examination.

“Nobody revealed to me that my sister had died,” Sushmita told the Post in a short discussion on Monday. “I miss her. We would frequently battle, yet she adored me a lot.”According to Burn Violence Survivors-Nepal, a sum of 26 instances of corrosive assault have been accounted for since 2010. A large portion of these include men falling back on attack after they have been rejected by ladies.


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