Punishing rapists won’t stop rape| One way to minimize rape

We all are fully aware of the growing number of sexual violence on women these days. Due to the growing number of media personals, these issues are actively covered by media, and most of them are made viral all over. People get their content for the next 7 days to upload and share on their wall or stories. From showing the deepest sympathy towards the bearer to expressing their blazing rage towards the criminals, everything is done within these more or less 7 days, then just like the joker’s laugh, it goes zooooop till the next new issue arrives. This is staying in a loop for decades. Except for some poetry in slogans, nothing has changed.

An example that’ll explain my point

Among the nothing that hasn’t change, a whole lot of people only being stuck at the mentality of punishing the criminals only rather than abolishing the crime is one. Also, how can they, when the internet dominators i.e lot of stupid people and their sheep is only sharing man-hating and pseudo feminism posts along with inviting internet superstitions like “sharing this and that for sake of women” and all.

Let us take an example of a real-life scenario: Imagine a very serious issue arrived among a group of college boys and when things got worse every one of them got their head filled with rage and began to boil with anger. Every one of them not being the table talk kind of person, the only thing that they could imagine was landing some punches at the face of their opposition and unleashing their rage. Even while boiling with anger, the first and foremost thing they would do to start the fight would be to PICK A SPOT. Now, where is this spot? This spot is there where there are not many students’ intervention and definitely not teachers or any other college personnel’. They won’t just start fighting in front of everyone publicly even though they know on the inside one way or another the incident will circulate around everyone to the college authority any minute. They also know well about the punishment they would be getting if they are caught. Still, why do they fight eventually? The Rage. It’s the rage that makes them fight not caring about whatever result that comes in the way.

Similarly, in the context of sexual violence like Rape, it’s the uncontrollable sex hormones that generates impulses which makes them do the crime, even though at the moment their mind is not even thinking it as such a serious crime, or say if they think of it, they won’t spend their second worrying about it’s consequences on their life as well as on the bearer’s. So, as they will only be living at present, only fear their mind will be concerned at the moment is that “What if someone sees me?” (fact backuped by: western journal of criminology)

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Rather than the fear of being punished, they would be in the fear of being caught. So how about changing our whole mindset about this thing and not flowing on everything that is made viral out there.

Punishment is just a reaction to the crime, which of course shall be given to these bastards, but the crime cannot be undone through it. So rather than focusing on implanting fear of punishments in them, what if we implant rational fear of being caught. This can be done with very ease if the government and general public work with mutual cooperation.

How to amplify the Fear of being caught on these criminals?

• By setting up security cameras at the isolated parts of roads and making people known about it through signboard.

• By frequent police patrolling all over the city, village or wherever it is.

• By being an active bystander by the side of women, whenever we sense the possible danger through some people.

• By carrying SOS gadgets or applications by women which would alarm concerned authority and her family at the time of need.

• By speedy reach at the spot from police authority and conduct a speedy investigation whenever a similar crime takes place.

• By installing street lights on every part of roads for night time.

These are by far some of the best ways to amplify the fear of being caught on these scoundrels, mostly outside the domestic area. To ensure a safe domestic environment, concerned people shall take their kind of suitable method for not letting the crime to take place. The first is to not trust anyone easily. Then have strong door locks, strong enough to bear the strokes till someone arrives at the spot for help or arrest.

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Most of the crimes are committed as an action-alternative. Till we find a legal alternative for the criminally minded people, crimes are there forever. In case of the crimes related to sexual violence, either prostitution shall be made legal or early marriage shall be prevalent in order to pour out the hormonal wants as per the consent of both husband and wife only. But both the thing has equal dark sides and countless risks.

So, the best thing to do would be keeping one’s mind distracted from these and focus on something meaningful until the right time arrives.


Let’s change our mindset on this thing. Without being carried away by the stupid, impulsive, man-hating pseudo feminism posts, let’s hope and wait for the day that our women would stay safe and happy with no fear of violence, and to every man out there, ’cause the government alone can do nothing, let’s take the evolutionary responsibility to protect our women with all due respect.’



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