Pro Stan: Nepali guy studying in US is changing Nepali HipHop’s future

The underrated Nepali hip-hop artist Pro Stan has strength to shape NepHop's future.

In the recent few years, the Nepali hip-hop scene is experiencing massive growth. From new wondrous faces in the town to tons of people understanding and appreciating such music, the Nepali hip-hop scene has grown a lot as late Yama Buddha always wanted.

Pro Stan
Pro Stan

One year ago, on June 17, Pro Stan, a Nepali guy studying in the United States, released his first track, “Garo Cha Solti.” This particular song showcased the hurdles and barricades that Nepali students staying abroad had to face in their day-to-day life. This song is a mirror that shows how it feels like staying distant from home.

His song “Garo Cha Solti” was loved and appreciated by a large group of netizens. This very song managed to get 90K + plays on YouTube.

Directed by Aayush Rimal and performed by himself, he released his second track “Everybody’s fake” in August 2019. In the video, he appears wearing an anonymous lighting mask and performs his verse “Every, everybody’s fake. They have been hiding in a mask. They don’t show no real face. Look Everybody’s fake…” In June 2020, he released another track “Bhatti ko Chowmein” which was again loved by many people for his delivery and simple story.

Later he released “Yatra” which is his one of his best track, where he presents a beautiful story of people lives and their never-ending regular birth and death saga.

Hands swinging in the air, Pro Stan sits in front of the mic with Saneer, wrapped in a winter coat inside a small room for “4 Bajey Raati”. His quarantine session 4 bajey raati is a song you can play on a loop. Its fast yet doesn’t get into your nerve.


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