Prakash Saput’s Biography

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Prakash Saput is a popular singer and composer from Nepal who is known for his all-time hit Galbandi song. He also works as a model in musical videos. He’s also known for his controversial lok dohori battles. Prakash Saput is the one to initiate Lok dohori battles in the Nepali music industry. Sometimes his Lok dohori battles challenge the censorship; once he had to take down one of his youtube videos. Later he edited and uploaded it again.

Prakash Saput Quick Facts

NamePrakash Saput
Date of birth29th Bhadra 2047 (14th September 1990)
Birth placeBaglung, Dhamja
Father’s NameBal Baahadur Bishowkarma
Mother’s NameBina Kumari Bishowkarma
EarningAprroximately 1 Lakhs per months
Prakash Saput Biography

Prakash Saput’s Personal Details.

Name: Prakash Saput
Birth Place: Baglung, Dhamja V.D.C Ward No. 4
Birth Date: 29th Bhadra 2047 (14th September 1990)
Father’s Name: Bal Bahadur B.K
Mother’s Name: Bina Kumari B.K

Prakash Saput was born as an elder son from Bal Bahadur B.K and Bina Kumari B.K on 29th of Bhadra 2047 in Dhamja village of Baglung district in Nepal.

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Prakash Saput’s Education and Early Life

In his early days, up to his grade 3 class, Saput stayed in his maternal uncle’s home at Butwal, Tamnagar in western Nepal. After his grade 3 schooling, Prakash was again taken to his village at Baglung where he started his education at Janata School. At Janata school, Saput completed his education to grade 5. And for further education from grade 6 to S.L.C, Prakash had to walk for an hour to reach his new school.

Prakash Saput’s family was a medium class family; his father used to work in India and Nepal often for earning. Saput’s mother worked as a housewife and did animal husbandry. Although Prakash Saput was the elder son at his home, he was very lazy doing his works at home and sought ways not to do the work.

Prakash Saput was very much interested and passionate about this music stuffs; he used to sing in the jungle while doing his works. He also used to participate in different musical programs held at his school.  Prakash loves to say that he was born in a musical environment. Saput boasts that he got to learn many things from his grandfather who used to sing Bhajans in Baglung village.

Prakash Saput’s Professional Journey

After his S.L.C in 2063 B.S, Prakash Saput moved to headquarter Baglung Bajar for his Plus two schooling. He also took some radio jockey training in Dhaulagiri F.M. At the same time Saput also started working and performing at different Mahotsav ( Parbat Mahostsab, Myagdi Mahotsab, Baglung Mahotsab, Pokhara Mahotsav and Butwal Mahotsav). He won many of the musical competitions held in such Mahotsav. At the very time, people started calling him with a tag of a good singer.

After his plus two studies in Baglung, Prakash moved to Pokhara for further studies where he got a chance to participate in “Gandaki Machhapuchre Tara” – a song competition where competitors from 7 districts took participation. Prakash Saput was the representative in that competition from his district Baglung. He was able to be in the fourth position in that competition. That was the competition which led Saput to his professional singing journey.

In 2067 “Nepal Lok Dohori Sangh” initiated a lok dohori competition, where Prakash Saput represented the Dhaulagiri zone. There were singing groups from all the 14 zones. Although, Saput’s team got defeated he was applauded with the best singer tag. After the Pokhara journey, Prakash Saput came to Kathmandu to flourish his professional career. In Kathmandu, Prakash Saput had to bear many hurdles and difficulties. Saput initially worked as a low-class worker in Hotels. Later he got to work in “Dohori Sanj” as a singer, however, being a new face in the town he was not well treated there.

In the free time Saput used to roam around the Kathmandu city, he was very much passionate and excited about being a good singer, so he used never to miss a chance to go to recording studios and shooting areas. There he used to talk to singers and other professionals; exchange phone numbers and however built an excellent public relation. Later Prakash Saput got a chance to work in “Lekh Besi Dohori Sanjh” in Thamel. It was good for him there. After a matter of time, he brought a musical album collaborating with “Deep Sagar Thapa” – one of the singers in the same Dohori Sanj. It was his first album, namely “Musu Musu Nahasa Mayale, Khusu Khusu Dil Matrai Chorera”. The song did well and was loved by the audience. It was also nominated in different award functions. So, this was the starting of Prakash Saput’s professional career.

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Prakash Saput’s Work

1Panche Baja Song  Makur Makur Ghur (2074)
2Maya Ko Poko (2073)
3Jhyppai Bhet Bho Beni Bajarma (2074)
4Mai Nachhu Chham Chham Teej Song (2074)
5Charara Barara Dharara Dashain Tihar Song (2074)
6Juraya Chha Lagan Panche Baja Song (2074)
7Ghumte Dhuri Alko Panche Baja Song (2074)
8Sadabahar Taruni Roila Dohori Song (2074)
9Dohori Battle 1 (2018)
10Bola Maya (2018)
11Dohori Battle 2 (2019)
12Galbandi (2019)
13Badla Barilai (2020)
14Namaskar (2020)
Prakash Saput Songs.

Praksh Saput’s starrer movie is expected to come soon.

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