“Prakash Saput” The Man Behind “Bola Maya” & “Galbandi” To Be Featured In Movie

Prakash Saput, the man behind popular songs like “Bola Maya” and “Galbandi” is all set to be featured in a movie. He is about to debut on the big screen through the sequel of ‘Pardeshi’ released on 2072 BS.

“Prakash Saput” is about to replace the position of “Prashant Tamang” in Pardeshi 2. Pardeshi 2 is to be directed by Narayan Rayamaji. A paper contract between Prakash Saput and Narayan Rayamaji has already been made for the movie.

With the massive hit of Dohori battles, Bola Maya and Galbandi, many movies have been offered to him but due to the poor story line he didn’t do one. Finally the time has come that his fans can enjoy his acting skills in bigscreen.

However, the release date, actress and many other aspects of the movie has not been finalized yet.


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