Prabhu Money Transfer User Data Compromised With A Latest Leak

Recently Vianet communications user data was hacked and the user data was made public on twitter with an onion link.

The story has been repeated again with Prabhu Money Transfer being victim. A twitter handle Cyber_hell_god today posted a tweet that said:

“Greeting, citizens of Nepal and hello
@Prabhu_Nepal Prabhu money transfers Nepal. Your banking and all other systems lack security! We tried to aware you but you didn’t respond!
@VianetFTTH faced a data breach you could be next! If you don’t fix it we’ll show you a lil demo..8:00PM”

Warning given by alleged hacker.

After the warning, the alleged hacker- as promised tweeted a tweet from a new twitter id where he has added a link which leads to the data dump of around 500 users that includes IP address, E-mail address, name, and phone number. Looking at the user data it seems those of the money senders and recievers.

Second post tweeted by alleged hacker.

However, there is no any official response from Prabhu Money Transfer on this data breach yet. So we can’t be sure that the data leaked by the alleged hacker is 100% correct. All we can do now is wait for the official response from Prabhu Money Transfer.

Such data breach cases have been increasing day by day. First Foodmandu, then Vianet communications and now Prabhu Money Transfer have been the victim. As the alleged hackers say, these companies need to work on increasing cyber securities. User’s data shouldn’t be treated useless and stored inside a weak firewall.

[Update: The alleged hacker has again tweeted and warned Nepali Congress. Have a look at the tweet.


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