“Playing For Nepal Is A Different Feeling”: Sandeep Lamichhane

Nepalese teenage legspinner, Sandeep Lamichhane is heating the globe through his unreadable googlies and leg-breaks.He had played almost every franchise league around the world.

In a recent Telephone interview, he described how much he is determined playing for his country. Read the full interview with Sandeep Lamichhane published  by AP1 HD in a show, Cricket Season.

It must be rare to be home and having a bit of break?

“Yeah,It’s a good break for me.But,unfortunately Everest Premier League(EPL) has been postponed,so got a free time  with family and roaming around Nepal.It became a wonderful for me.”

You have been busy for two or three years,playing  franchise leagues all over the world,how it feels?

“After a long time I was available to play in EPL this year but sadly it has been postponed due to coronavirus. I am missing those audience ,Nepalese cricket supporters who was supposed to come and support EPL.”

“You get to know about lot of players,learning and improving your skills and personality as well.That was the best thing I learned from different Franchise league.”

“Whenever I went to play in different franchise league, I follow the highlights. Every commentators join Nepal before my name,that give me a lot of goosebumps.”

How it feels playing for Nepal?

“Playing for Nepal is a different feeling. It’s a fortunate to me,I am born in Nepal and playing for my country.I want to give my credits to all my coaches,staffs,Raju Khadka,Senior players,management of Nepal and fans around the world.It is a dream feeling for me.”

Where do you see yourself in future,You are just 19 years old now?

“I am a type of person who always take one step at a time.I will be progressing myself day by day,enjoying each and every little success, ups and downs of life.All this thing makes me strong everyday.”

Watch full interview here:



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