Plane Crash Demised Her, It’s Her Body That Left Us Not Her

I strongly believe that when a person dies, it’s only the body that dies. The soul remains, which means that person is around us and can hear,feel,listen and love us. It’s just like dropping  a cup of tea. The cup may break and will become useless but what’s inside, the tea, remains.

Charu Baral, a friend, a sister, a daughter and an amazing human who embraced this world has moved to a better place now.

Back in the days, during my high school when i was young, not so wild , not so free ; i really admired this one special girl. She was from the junior class who recently got admitted. She wasn’t amongst the  hottest topic in the college as  categorised but little they didn’t know it’s the inner beauty that matters. I admired her for her simplicity. I absolutely hated her friends Kanchan Deuja and Sujita Adhikari  as all three would be together all the time with their troop,  so I never really got a chance to talk to her.

The first time we had a proper conversation was after a challenge
my friend Bobby Bikram  gave me to talk to her sneaking inside her  class-room. And let me tell you, i studied at Nepal Police College, previously know as Dipendra prahari college. Forget the talking, even looking at the girls was a sin and a nice chat with a girl would make sure you wouldn’t be able to  walk for a week after the guruba’s  vate karbahi’. But for some reasons probably, we were destined to meet. I dared and went to talk to her and introduced myself.  That’s how it all started. That was the first time, i got to meet this amazing person who was going to leave with lots and lots of memories behind. we were good friends despite most of our conversation happened only in Facebook.

She was someone who could lift anyone up from their downfall just with her smile. She had big-sharp eyes, the reason why i called her “Deepika Padukone” , even though she hated it.

We didn’t talk much after 2012 because she was too busy fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor. This probably is the only reason why my heart aches every time i think about her. She was extremely passionate about medicine and aspired to do something big in future. She wanted to write a book too , she told me this somewhere around 2010 when were talking about what we wanted to do in life.
She hated bikes. She could read any book  all day regardless of their genres. i could go on all day about her likes and dislikes but it makes no sense now. It’s not like that we were super close or best buddies , she was just special and you simply wouldn’t miss anything about her.  We probably only had 3-4 conversation in last 6 years and when i checked my inbox this morning and scrolled up, i stopped somewhere  where she said,  along with a good friendship, we had many memories together. I was numb, couldn’t speak or move. My mind was somewhere in Purgatory trying to bring you back. I was hit by  trucks and trucks of nostalgic flashbacks where we were having deep conversations, where we were sipping coffee around Putalisadak, where we took a bus to gopi-krishna hall.  I just couldn’t believe what has happened. Infact, i even texted her  yesterday to come back stronger thinking she’s only sick and will be back soon.  My heart aches for the uncle who recently lost  aunty too.  I am out with words and would like to stop my writing here.

That probably is what life’s all about. we are given thousand reasons to step back and fall.  but there will come a point and if you do not pick yourself up, and go along with life again, you will be trapped inside the dead-circle of the grief and it will just  be another beginning of a tragic ending.

Alvida Dr.Charu Baral 🙂

We only depart to meet again. I will see you around Chari !


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