Pashupati Sharma Is Back With “Lutna Sake Lut 2”

Pashupati Sharma who is popularly known for his satirical Lok Dohori songs released a song called “Lutna Sake Lut” on YouTube. The song went viral all over the internet and started trending on YouTube but after 48 hours of uploading, singer Pashupati Sharma had to remove the video after he received political threats.

Now, again he has come up with a new song titled Jata Ni Chor ( Lutna Sake Lut 2 ). The very new song is also loaded with rage and satire to the entire political system of Nepal. The song condemns the Politician’ acts for not delivering anything except lofty speeches. Not only politicians he also disses every lazy Nepali citizen who fails to deliver their duties and blame the government for everything. He also doesn’t leave the one who left the country for foreign employment yet talks big about nationalism.

Have a watch to Jata Ni Chor ( Lutna Sake Lut 2 )


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