‘We Should Focus More In Domestic Cricket After Lockdown’ : Paras Khadka

Three months ago, Nepal Government announced a nation-wide lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic around the globe. Most of the sporting events has been called off and same applies to Nepal Cricket.

Recently, Paras Khadka posted a video via social media announcing his return to training session. Along with Khadka, most of the players near to capital city were seen cathing up their cricketing gears in Tribhuwan International Cricket Ground.

Paras Khadka on his recent interview during his training session described the scenario of Nepal Cricket after lockdown. “As Internationals tours will be difficult for most of the Associate nation, we should focus more to domestic cricket after the lockdown ends.” said Khadka.

Have a watch to recent interview with former captain, Paras Khadka


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