Old Bhadragol Team To Bring “Sakkigoni” Serial On NTV


One of the buzz creating serial “Bhadragol” was left by the old team due to some conflicts with the “Media Hub”.

While the major cast and characters of the Bhadragol left the herd, a few old members again bought the right with Media Hub and started the series, however it became a great flop. The new Bhadragol series got 46K dislikes while the likes were only 19K. Most of the comments are of unsatisfied viewers. They say that they want the old characters of the Bhadragol back.

On the other hand, the old major characters who left the Bhadragol are to start a new comedy serial on Nepal Television from 2nd of Asoj. The new serial name is “Sakkigoni” which is going to air every Thursday at 08:50 PM on Nepal Television.

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Former Bhadrahol directors Kumar Kattel Jigri and Arjun Ghimire Pade’s group are airing this new serial on their own investment. Their own company “JPT (Jigri Paade Team)  Creation” will be producing this new serial. However, the episodes will be directed by Deepak Acharya.

The team has released the Promo of “Sakkigoni” have a watch.

Kumar Kattel Jigri on his Facebook wall shares,


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