NTC To Give 100% And N-Cell To Give 50% Bonus On Recharge

NTC To Provide 100% Bonus on Recharge During Lockdown

After Nepal government decided to lockdown Nepal due to the widespread Corona virus infection (Covid – 19), telecommunications decided to provide a bonus on recharge to support their users following the directives from NTA.

Government-owned Nepal Telecommunication has decided to provide a 100% bonus on recharge, also they decided to extend the internet deadlines. The ADSL internet will run until the lockdown without any payment. Also, NTC will not fine users of Land Line phones for late payment.

The bonus facility will be applicable from 13th Chaitra 2076 and the users can get the same amount of bonus on recharging more than NRS 10. The bonus should be used within a week. The bonus can’t be used to buy the internet and other packs also it can’t be transferred.

You can check the bonus details and validity when you recharge through a physical card from below.

Bonus Given by NTC on Recharge Cards

Recharge CardBonusValidity
NRS 50, NRS 100100%2 days
NRS 200, NRS 500 100% 4days
NRS 1000 100% 6 days

Bonus Given by NTC on MPOS/ Digital Recharge

NRS 10 to Rs 99 100%2 days
NRS 100 to Rs 499 100%4 days
NRS 500 to Rs 999 100%8 days
NRS 1000 and above 100%10 days

N-Cell To Provide 50% Bonus on Recharge During Lockdown

The privately-owned company N-Cell has also decided to provide a bonus to its users following the orders from Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA). Although NTA directed telecommunications to provide a 100% bonus, NCell came up with a scheme of 50% bonus on recharge.

Only users who recharge more than NRS 50 will get a 50% bonus and this bonus will work till midnight of that very day. This bonus can be used to call and SMS within the N-Cell network and to surf the data services.

N-Cell Sapati Increased Upto NRS 200

N-Cell has also increased the sapati money to NRS 200. This will work as per the SIM card usages. N-Cell will charge the loan amount on the next recharge.

And not to forget about this deadly situation of Corona outbreak, N-Cell has donated 10 Crore to the government.


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