NTB CEO Opens His Mouth Regarding IIFA Award To Be Held In Nepal

IIFA in Nepal
Creds. IIFA

[Update: In the end, the Government has removed the decision to organize the Indian Film Award (IIFA). After the fourth round of opposition, the government decided not to the IIFA event in Nepal.]

Deepakaj Joshi, Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board, has come in defense to those who were against the Government’s decision to make the Indian Film Awards (IIFA). He argues that it is a golden chance for Nepal to host such a grand event and award show, IIFA.

After the news that the government was going to host the Indian Film Awards (IIFA), many peoples from the Nepali film industry came in against the decision. They condemned the government’s will to spend 100 crores to the Indian award show.

So, in response to this negative feedback government organized a press meet on Sunday where CEO of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) claimed that Nepal will never get this golden chance to host such grande and prestigious event and award show even in 50 years time.

In the press meet, he acknowledged that the Indian Film Awards (IIFA) is going to be hosted on the government’s expenditure. He also added that the award show might also be canceled if the IIFA organizer’s ask for bulk budget. Currently, the organizers are demanding for 40 lakhs dollars for the award show.


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