Theaters Didn’t See Any Nepali Movies In Poush

Its been more than a month that Nepali cinema halls haven’t seen any Nepali movies. While there are bunch of Bollywood and Hollywood movies doing a good job, one can’t see any Nepali movies in the theatre.

The last Nepali movie that was showcased in the theatres was “Prem Sansar” which was released in the last week of Magsir, after that no any movies have been released in Nepali cinema industry.

‘Friday’ used to be a day of competition for all the Nepali producers and directors to release their film. But today again another Friday has gone but no any Nepali movies has been released. Instead 2 new bollywood movies have been released. This trend will continue for some time.

Producers of Nepali films are not particularly fond of releasing films in the winter which might be the primary reason for not seeing movies in the month of Poush. However there might be various other reasons like not getting enough shows while clashing with the Bollywood/Hollywood movies.

However this breach will be removed and audiences will get to watch three Nepali movies “Sanglo”, “Karma” and “Selfie King” that are releasing in Magh 17 and 24 respectively.


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