Nishan Bhattarai & Eleena’s “K Maya Lagchha Ra” Song Is The New Hit

Nishan Bhattarai and Eleena's dueted song "k Maya Lagchha Ra" is a new song you'll listen in a loop.

Nishan Bhattarai, one of the Nepal Idol’s finalist and Eleena Chauhan have dueted to bring new earworm song “K Maya Lagcha Ra”.

This song was premiered on YouTube by ArtMandu on 26th June 2020 and at the time of writing this article has gained more than 292K views. Hooky lines from this songs are getting viral on TikTok with more than 66K videos on the platform.

Vocal by Nishan Bhattarai and Eleena Chauhan, lyrics on by Hark Saud, composition by Ankit Babu Adhikari, music by Kushal Singh, cinematographed by Nishal Paudel, edited by Sunil Paudel and directed by Nabin Chauhan “K Maya Lagchha Ra” is a prequel of “Luki Chhipi Kina Maya Ma” by Ganesh Senchuri.

Listen to “K Maya Lagchha Ra”

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