Nepal International Film Festiival NIFF to be Held At Pokhara Nepal

“To grandstand different short and also full length accounts for fictions from everywhere throughout the world and to investigate different societies their culture and traditions through exceptional and convincing narrating, Nepal Film and Cultural Academy (NFCA) comes up with first Nepal International Film Festiival (NIFF) The occasion will likewise enable Nepal to gather some worldwide presentation which it needs. The celebration will feature Nepalese movies and outside movies made in Nepal, and will help Nepal as a potential filming destination.” , Festival Chairperson KP Pathak said.

The 1st Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF) will be held during February, 2018, in the lake city of Pokhara, the western capital of Nepal. Selected films from around the globe will be screened during 4 days of the festival. The films will be screened under two sections; Competition & Non-Competition. Competition section includes two main categories; short films and feature-length films. Films below 60 minutes’ duration can apply for short-film competition and those above 60 minutes’ duration can apply for feature-length competition. Non-competition screening includes screening of films made by NFCA and stakeholders, foreign counterparts and allied associations. The movies to be screened at NIFF 2018 under the opposition segment will be sensible fiction, where the movies will be on genuine or practically genuine situations with anecdotal characters and anecdotal plotlines. The movies will be judged on the account, the imagination, the story and the treatment. Movies that show social communications and conventions will be energized. Fantasy themed films are not permitted.

In the sidelines of the celebration, we have two master classes from comprehensively acclaimed producers and specialists from the worldwide film crew. The principle point is to see how social esteems and convictions, human brain science, history and culture, religion, legislative issues, topography, rationality and their advancement through time has molded film and portrayal, and to investigate the development of silver screen and account fiction into a worldwide wonder. An exceptional workshop will be held, where speakers will display their papers on the development, current circumstance and the conceivable eventual fate of the Nepalese film industry. Besides, the workshop will likewise join talks on the best way to rethink, remake and set up new narratives and styles. Aside from this, NFCA will likewise sort out a workshop on content written work, facilitated by an all inclusive acclaimed expert.

The festival has extened the submission deadline till 7th of december to facilitate film makers.

You can also join to Festivals event through here.


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