Netflix released ‘Indian Matchmaking’ and the Internet is not happy

The show is a cringe-fest but also the most intriguing depiction of the reality behind arranged marriages.

Indian Matchmaking
Source: Netflix

“Richa has beauty, she has a smile, she’s tall, slim, trim, educated, from a good family. I can give her, I think, 95 marks out of 100″, says Sima Taparia(famously known as ‘Sima Aunty’), one of Mumbai’s top-notch matchmaker and star of Netflix’s reality show ‘Indian Matchmaking’.

The show tries to adapt modern take on arranged marriage and its horrors for both men and women while conveniently sliding problematic benchmarks for them. It has everything you wouldn’t wanna come near to, starting from judgemental aunties to well… judgemental aunties.

Nepal has seen its fair share of such matchmaking where rich and pretty partners are at the top of the list. We all knew about this harsh reality since the age of the dawn but were not talking about it up till now. The docu-series has opened up a few conversations and got mixed reviews where some are questioning its regressive remarks while others are pleased with the realistic representation of arranged marriages.

Check out what the internet has to say about ‘Indian Matchmaking’ but before that, grab some popcorn because you’re in for a treat, my friend.


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