Nepal To Play In Oman’s 5 Nations T-20

After playing a triangular series with Zimbabwe and Singapore, the Nepali National Cricket Team is playing a T-20 series in Oman.

The series that is being held in Oman is in between 5 nations. Besides Nepal and Oman the other participants include Hong Kong, Netherland and Ireland.

The series is organized by Oman to prepare for the T-20 World Cup selection tournament that is going to happen in the UAE from October 18.

The competition, which started today, will run until October 1.

The Game Play Schedule is given below.

  • October 5 (Saturday): Oman Vs Hong Kong , Ireland Vs Netherlands
  • October 6 (Sunday): Oman Vs Ireland , Nepal Vs Hong Kong
  • October 7 (Monday): Netherlands Vs Nepal, Hong Kong Vs Ireland
  • October 9 (Wednesday): Ireland Vs Nepal, Oman Vs Netherlands
  • October 11 (Thursday): Netherlands Vs Hong Kong, Oman Vs Nepal

Watch Oman Vs Hong Kong Match.

Watch Netherland Vs Ireland Match.


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