Nepal To Be Locked Down Completely From Tomorrow

After one case of Corona infection was found in Nepal in a girl coming from France via Doha, the Nepal government has decided to completely lockdown Nepal from tomorrow (Tuesday).

In a meeting held today the government has decided to lock down the whole country from tomorrow 06:00 AM to 18th Chaitra. In this lockdown, the government has urged everyone to stay at home unless an emergency. Also, all the private and public vehicles other than emergency and food carrying vehicles have been banned.

Decisions made by the Government

  • All the vehicles except those having a permit, that of health personals, and police officers have been banned
  • Everyone should stay at home unless an emergency like buying of medicines, treatment, food purchases, etc.
  • All the domestic flights will be closed except that of police/armies and other special flights.
  • Only necessary staff should be present in essential services like health, safety, food, water, milk, electricity, telecommunications, information and communication, customs, quarantine and garbage management.
  • Except for essential private industries and companies related to pharmaceuticals and health equipment, foodstuffs, drinking water, milk, and fuel other private industries should make policies to provide leave for staff.
  • The regular supply of medicines and pharmaceuticals by the medical businesspersons should not stop. Blackmail, selling at an increased price and hide and hoard will lead to jail as per the act.
  • Any person or group disobeying an order issued under the Infectious Diseases Act 2020 shall be punished in accordance with that Act.


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