Nepal Telecom’s IPTV To Be Launched In New Year 2021

NTC to launch IPTV service from 1st January 2021.

Nepal Telecom who completed their first successful IPTV broadcast trial a year ago are officially launching their IPTV service from new year 2021.

According to Dilliram Adhikari, managing director of Nepal Telecom a trial broadcast is being conducted for the internet protocol television (IPTV) service. Various preparations have been made to start the service from January 1.

According to telecom, the IPTV services will be made available through NTC Fiber (FTTH) or an OTT app for smartphones. The company has said that it is working hard to connect the clean feed content and packages of foreign televisions to the service.

“It adds value to Nepal Telecom’s services,” he said. “Customers don’t have to look for different service providers for telephone, internet and television at home.” “Customers will enjoy phone, internet and TV through a single line.”

IPTV, brings good quality video and sound to users TV in comparison to obsolete analog distribution. Currently such IPTV service is provided by various internet providers in Nepal.


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