Nepal Cricket and COVID-19: What Next?

Nepal Cricket got halted in the fear of coronavirus as the team was gearing for the new season with the new strength.

Readmit of Cricket Association Of Nepal (CAN), Cricket back to Tribhuvan University International Cricket Ground were some of the top news to the Cricket fans around the nation until a virus dominated on the every sector of the field.

As a fan, you and I missing the excitement of an upcoming series of Nepal Cricket is the saddest story of the decade. But the real performers on the field who were always hungry for runs and Wickets, giving goosebumps to every single fan in the crowd, what might they have felt without Cricket in their daily life?

As Nepal Cricket was on the rising side a few months ago, before the carnivorous pandemic. But How many of you have imagined the situation of players, series and domestic leagues of Nepal after the end of global fear of coronavirus?  Let’s talk about some issues of Nepal Cricket after coronavirus.

Nepal Cricket Team and Management?

Almost every player and management team is away from the game of cricket these days. Before the pandemic, Head Coach Umesh Patwal step downs from the position leaving the further rights to Jagat Tamata.

Umesh Patwal : Head Coach of Nepal
Umesh Patwal, Former Head Coach of Nepal Cricket Team.

There were several rumours about the new head coach of Nepal Cricket as Lalchand Rajput. But, Lalchand Rajput is one of the highest paid Cricket coach and recently coaching the national team of Zimbabwe.

The main challenge of Cricket Association Of Nepal (CAN) after the lockdown would be appointing the new head coach for the national team. Beside, players fitness and training would be the greatest challenge for the players and management too.

Nepal Cricket Match in future?

It’s been more than two years, Nepal was declared as ODI Nation. In this interval of two years, Nepal had played just 10 ODI matches.As ICC had declared Nepal as ODI Nation for four years only, the break during this lockdown period in cricket may affect some of the matches in future.

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Some of the upcoming series of Nepal had been postponed amid coronavirus Pandemic. It will be a big challenge for International Cricket Council (ICC) and Cricket Association Of Nepal (CAN) to manage the upcoming Nepal Cricket match of World Cricket League 2.

Tribhuvan University International Cricket Ground?

Beauty of Tribhuvan University International Cricket Ground is popular around the globe. Besides with low infrastructure, ground is one of the most loved stadium in the world.

tribhuvan International cricket ground
TU International Cricket Stadium

During this lockdown, some of the staffs are working on the pitch and ground maintenance of stadium with full dedication and safety measures.

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Everest Premier League 2020?

How many of you were excited for Everest Premier League 2020? Definitely you were excited to watch some of the big names of international cricket like Chris Gayle and Hashim Amla hitting sixes around the TU International Cricket Stadium.

Everest Premier League 2020
DSPORTS to broadcast all matches of EPL 2020

But as most of the leagues have been postponed due to coronavirus, managing foreign players for Everest Premier League 2020 will be the greatest challenge to franchise. The main question is the availability of foreign players for EPL 2020 as all of them will be playing for their respective Nation and of course in Indian Premier League (IPL) soon after the end of coronavirus outbreak.


As soon as the lockdown will came to an end, Cricket Association Of Nepal will be facing a lot of challenges on managing Nepal Cricket and foreign players in EPL 2020.

Watch “Cricket Season” / Everest Premier League 2020 :

Cricket Season/Everest Premier League 2020, Episode -6


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