Nepal & Bangladesh Collaborated For A Efficacious Webinar On Career Development

A powerful webinar on entrepreneurship and career development was conducted by Voice of Nawalpur in collaboration with Youth Accord, Bangladesh.

Every year on August 12, the International Youth Day is celebrated all around the world with various programs.

Despite all the current challenges, the world is facing due to COVID-19, this year as well International Youth Day 2020 was celebrated all around the world with a theme of “Youth Engagement For Global Action” highlighting how the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes.

In Nepal also, International Youth Day 2020 was celebrated nationwide, organizing different webinars, sessions, and youth conferences with the engagement of youths through digital platforms. One of the International events that happened in the country during the day is the Digital Conference on Youth Action for Future organized by Voice of Nawalpur, Nepal, in collaboration with Youth Accord, Bangladesh, with technical support from Selvice Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

youth action webinar

Different speakers from two countries, Nepal and Bangladesh, joined and had an interactive session with around 120 participants. The key speakers for this event were Prakriti Bhattarai Basnet, Social Activist, and Chairperson of Political Literacy for Women from Nepal, Fairuz Karim, Chief Operating Officer of Selvice Logistics Pvt. Ltd from Bangladesh, Santosh Pandey, CEO of Offering Happiness from Nepal and Tanvir Al Farabi, Tanvir Al Farabi, Ex president of Dhaka University Band Society, Founder, FBS Music Wing DU, Ad-hoc qualitative research consultant at Kantar Research Bangladesh Ltd.

Prakriti Bhattarai Basnet took a session on Political Literacy for Women and Youth Engagement in politics. She shared a deeper insight into the importance of women participation in politics, the scenario of women participation in politics in Nepal, and overall South East Asian countries and informed young participants about the importance of youth participation in politics. She also boosted youth participants to be aware of the happenings in politics.

Fairuz Karim took a session on Youth Entrepreneurship. She mentored young participants about entrepreneurship, the importance of strategic planning, and decision making in business and evolving despite all the hardships and challenges. She also provided information about Angel Investors, getting seed funding, and talked about the importance of being patient and honest to make your business grow.

Santosh Pandey took a session on Career Development in Global Perspective. He shared some insights about a global perspective related to a career for the younger generation, how to be confident about your decision, suggested younger people to explore life, and figure out something they are really passionate about. He also shared some interesting experiences from his own entrepreneurial journey with the participants and how his dream of becoming a medical doctor took a turn towards entrepreneurship.

Tanvir Al Farabi took a session on Youth Leadership. During his meeting, he presented young participants about youth leadership, types of leadership, leadership strategies, qualities that a leader should possess, and how to develop leadership qualities. He also stated about the challenges faced by any leaders, activists, and young enthusiasts while starting out. He also shared about his journey from being the president of the FBS Music wing at the University of Dhaka to being a senior qualitative researcher.

The conference was jointly hosted by Arjun Kafle from Nepal and Sanjida Islam from Bangladesh. The conference was started with an introductory session and welcome note by Susan Chapagain from Voice of Nawalpur, Nepal, and ended with the closing session with thanks note from Shah Sakib Sadman Pranto from Youth Accord, Bangladesh.


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