What is Men’s Room Reloaded (MRR)?

Men's Room Reloaded MRR
Men’s Room Reloaded (MRR) Team donating educational stuffs.

Ever wondered what MRR is? Girls might have for sure. No worries Nep Stuff is here to quench your wonder and antsy about the popular MRR name you see on social media.

You must have heard the name for sure. You might have seen some guys with MRR T-shirt working for a certain cause, protesting against something bad and un-digestive. You might have seen guys with MRR T-shirt having fun during Holi. You might have heard about these same guys working for Earthquake victims and flood casualties. They love to call themselves ”Brothers From Different Mothers” who unite to help in social cause and other social works of value.

Men’s Room Reloaded (MRR) is a Facebook-based secret group that was founded on the 11th of December 2011 by Shamal Budathoki and one of his friends. Initially, the group was used for entertainment and fun only but later on it was taken into a new height. MRR lets only 18+ straight Nepali males enter the group. The group is very strict while approving the new members.

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Only the group is secret but their works are worth sounding and buzz-creating. They recently celebrated their 8th anniversary with a bang doing various social activities all over Nepal. MRR was originally created only for fun and entertainment purposes namely “Men’s Room” later its name was changed to Men’s Room Reloaded (MRR), with reloaded thoughts, enthusiasm, wills, themes, ideas and sense of unity.

There are around 99k electrifying youths in this volunteering group. This group includes doctors, engineers, police officers and people from all fields. Sometimes we can see Posts of actors like Deepak Raj Giri, Nischal Basnet and many more here. These Actors get amazed looking the unity, love, and enthusiasm of youths. MRR is many times helped by these actors both economically and morally.

Members of these group post jokes, memes, trolls have fun. Not only jokes and trolls they post-revolutionary ideas and seek suggestive comments. One can post their problem here and get suggestive ideas to tackle them. MRR is actively participating in blood donation programs held in every part of the country.

Men’s Room Reloaded (MRR) team enjoying group holi.


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