Most Of The Women Go On A Date To Eat For Free?

Women generally want to have a good relationship with men. A woman who is intimate with any man wants to have a romance or a long lasting relationship. However, studies have shown that not all women accept men simply as romance or life-partner.

One out of every four women has been found to be close to men and go on a date, to eat foods for free.

A study by Azusa Pacific University and the University of California- found that some women go on a date for free meals. According to scientists, this condition is called ‘foodie call’.

The women who confessed to doing in Foodie Calls, also seemed to score high for the ‘Dark Triad’ (narcissism, psychopathy and machiavellianism). They’ve likewise communicated their confidence in progressively conventional gender roles.

During an online survey, 3 percent of women admitted to going on a date for a free meal. However 67 percent of the women rejected it. The survey was conducted on an average of 357 women aged 34 years.

Well, a relationship with food is an amazing one but next time you ask a girl for a date beware. Haha.


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