Ministry Forces StartUp To Change Their Name & Domain

A Nepali startup company CEO gets threatened to change the name of his company after the government fails to rank their campaign on Google.

Ministry of Information and Technology called Aditya Raj the founder and CEO of E-Digital Nepal Private Limited on Thursday and asked him to change the name of his startup company just because the government initiated ‘Digital Nepal’ campaign couldn’t rank top on Google.

On a Facebook post, Aditya Raj writes that he was threatened by government officials to change the name of his startup company.

As per the government officials whenever someone searches “Digital Nepal” on Google, Aditya’s website would rank at the first position which shadowed the government initiated ‘Digital Nepal’ campaign so he should change his domain and company’s name.

“The government has recently started ‘Digital Nepal’ campaign. How can you go against the government’s policy? You will no longer be able to use the keyword Digital Nepal. You ought to change the company name and the domain name immediately. If you do not change the name and domain on your own, we will shut it down”, Government officials threatened Aditya Raj inside a meeting hall says Tech Pana.

Aditya Raj, legally registered his company on Baisakh 2075 in OCR.

Aditya fears, if he is forced to change the domain and name of the company he would have to start his company again from a scratch.

“We are working for the education sector since 2015 and we have more than 500+ schools and colleges associated with us. How can we change the name and manage our clients? We have spent almost 3 Crore of Rupees from 2015 to till date. We have invested in SEO, Mobile App, product development, and everywhere in order to promote our product and brand. How can we invest again in these things?” says Aditya.

Aditya’s company Name is E-Digital Nepal Private Limited and his domain name is which is totally different from Government initiated ‘Digital Nepal’ campaign. The government has no right of control over .com domains. .com domains are controlled and regulated under The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICAAN) regulations.

Although, if the Government wants they can register .gov domain from Mercantile Communications to show their credibility and use their resources and work on SEO to rank higher than Aditya Raj’s company instead of acting as a Mafia to shut down already established startups in name of Digital Nepal.


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