Microsoft to discontinue support for Windows 7

Microsoft Corporation is planning to end its support to Windows 7 Operating System. Windows 7 was a revolutionary Operating System in the history of Operating Systems. Previously, Microsoft had ended its mainstream support to Windows 7 in 2015 AD but this time Microsoft is going to pull all its support to this OS.

What does ending of support mean?

This is an obvious question for many of the readers as many of us are unfamiliar about this term ‘ending of support’. Many people are mistaken that it means we cannot use windows 7 and the computer system that has windows 7 OS doesn’t run but ending of support actually means Microsoft now won’t do any bug fixes, security updates and add new features to this Operating System.

What are the disadvantages?

So, it is the matter of concern to the users to know about the disadvantages of ending support. We can run the computer system like before but this puts users at high risk of malware attacks. So, there will be a lot chances of virus attacks that may lead to the leakage of privacy and important documents including passwords and files.

What are the solutions?

If you are the active user of Windows 7 or if your computer doesn’t support higher windows versions then there is a good news for you. Though Microsoft is planning to end support to Windows 7 OS, the company has also  listened to the voices of its several users so it has not completely ended support rather it has provided information that they can get the security support of Windows 7 but will have to pay expensive fees. Any way, one can get support from the company even after ending support, this is a great news even if we have to pay money.

Windows 7

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