Mercantile Communications Responds To Their Recent System Hack

After Vianet communications and Prabhu Money Transfer were hacked, the leading internet service provider, .np registrar, and hosting company of Nepal, Mercantile Communications, was hacked by an alleged hacker with twitter handle @Satan_cyber_god.

Mercantile Communications Responds To Their Recent System Hack
One of the post tweeted by the alleged hacker.
Alleged hacker claiming that they were in the system of Mercantile Communications.

This twitter handle in recent days repetitively posted tweets about different websites in Nepal and warned the owners about their poor security. The user warned various apps and websites, including Prabhu Money Transfer, National Museum, Nepali Congress Website, National Nepal Library, Kantipur Daily, Daraz, and Mercantile communications about their website security.

The alleged hacker had posted some screenshots which shows that he was inside the system of Mercantile Communications.

Mercantile Communications, recently has responded to the fresh data breach incident in a very positive way. They said that they will be improving the security of their system and urged the hacker not to reveal and delete any data of the system. They also added that domain registration has been halted till further notice.

Response by Mercantile Communications on recent hack.

Looking at the recent data breaches and website attacks, Nepali website and apps owners should think about securing their sites. They shouldn’t treat users personal data useless. In fact, such big companies should welcome data vulnerabilities and award peoples with bug bounty programs.


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