Memory King Bijay Shahi Exposed?

Some YouTube videos suggest memory king Bijay Shahi has been exposed.

Bijay Shahi, who is given a crown of Memory King by YouTube journalists, is claimed to be exposed.

Bijay Shahi has been claiming that he has a secret formula that he learned while studying in plus two lets him remember an entire thick book in minutes. Some video clips of him flipping a thick book for minutes and delivering some unintelligible sound like Laure’s Ratatata had been viral over social media.

After his video had been viral in social media, most of the netizens started calling him fake. Even four-time USA memory champion Nelson Dellis doubted his skills.

Nelson Dellis’s Reaction

Now, again a new video has been viral all over the social media where journalists surround Bijay Shahi. Journalists find a paper where Bijay Shahi had pre-written some texts that were supposed to assist him. Journalists start to slam him with questions and blame him for faking his skills. Also, they dare him to show his skills, but Shahi denies saying he cannot deliver his formula in front of a camera. However, the video doesn’t appear to be complete.

Watch more on the video.


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