The Meme Nepal Case | Battle for Free Speech?

While Nepali Prime Minister K.P Sharma Oli was flaunting his democratic freedom speech in the UK, yet here in Nepal a comedian Pranesh Gautam is propelled to custody just because he reviewed a movie “Bir Bikram 2”. This very issue is being viral in social media platforms. Netizens are dropping their mixed views on this issue.

On 22nd of May, a video was uploaded on meme Nepal’s official YouTube channel that reviewed the movie Bir Bikram 2. This very video offended “Milan Chamling Rai”- Producer/Director of the movie. Then he filed a case against meme Nepal on cybercrime ground. After the arrest warrant issued by the district court, Police arrested two of the members from meme Nepal, Pranesh Gautam was clutched in the jail however Aadarsha Mishra was released on general date.

According to Milan Chams, the creators of meme Nepal defamed his movie, bullied the actors and reviewed the movie in such a way that no one could watch the video with their family. He also added the creators were under the influence of narcotics. Milan Chams said that this video resulted in a potential drop on the performance of his movie “Bir Bikram 2” and demands 1 crore as compensation.

The creators, on the other hand, say it is their right to speak and express their opinion publicly on the internet. It is the freedom of speech that lets them talk publicly without any fear.

Barsha Siwakoti, actress of the movie Bir Bikram 2 appeared previously on the Tedo Talks run by meme Nepal. She didn’t have any issue at that time, she was just fine with all the jokes, slangs that the interviewer Aadarsha Mishra cracked on. But yesterday magically she appeared to be triggered. She wrote something like this (See below) on her facebook handle, but she couldn’t resist the comments that appeared to be on the side of meme Nepal and deleted the post ultimately. Milan Chams also posted the same stuff on his facebook handle but it appears to be deleted now.

Barsha Siwakoti

Personally speaking, the review video was not that bad at all. All the vulgar words were censored, so there’s no way to get offended in such construct criticism. One’s right to express his thought should not be ceased. How can a creator that reviewed a movie just in a satirical way be propelled to custody? Is this the democracy we fought and demanded for? The day is not far one should be ready with lawyers and tons of bucks to review a movie. A good director should be a person that can accept criticism not just randomly case a file against every creator who reviews his movie bad. I now personally fear to write stuff on this very viral issue, who knows the director may sue me and my site?

This is what Deepak Raj Giri said on this viral topic.

Gagan Thapa also couldn’t stop him from posting this.

Aadarsha Mishra one of the admin at meme Nepal said this one in his defence.

Also, see meme Nepal’s recent take on this.

So what do you think of this viral topic? Who do you think is wrong?


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