Many Things To Learn From “Tilottama Municipality”

Medium-sized trees of “Sheetal Chini,” glowing flowers on both sides of the roads, Bio-Toilets, clean and wide roads, and plastic-free zone; while heading toward Bhairahawa from Butwal, we can find this real beautiful municipality in between. We are talking here about Tilottama Municipality.

The trees planted in the roads are a special type of trees that don’t shed leaves, are not eaten by cows, grows faster with least water, have medicinal importance, emits more oxygen, and are beautiful.

Tole development organizations have fenced the flowers and trees in different sections. For the irrigation of such plants, water tanks are placed in between the dividers.

People cleaning the streets. Creds. Rotract Nepal

Nobody is allowed to throw plastics and garbage in open places in this municipality. If found, there is a policy of fine. People from every ward, Ward chairpersons, schools, colleges, and other stakeholders clean the municipality, collect the waste plastics, and give public awareness time and again. Tilottama Municipality boasts that it is the first municipality in Nepal to use bio-toilets and be a plastic-free zone.

Locales, Students, Ward Members cleaning Plastics and giving awareness in Tilotama Municipality.

Tilotama municipality has now put forward a new slogan on waste management. The municipality brought the slogan ‘Mero Khalti, Mero Pahilo Dustbin’, which seems to be novel and incredibly working.

We can see bio-toilets in between the beautiful roads. These bio-toilets have been made to support the clean and green Tilotama project. These toilets have been constructed by Shankarnagar Water Supply Committee in association with the municipality. These bio-toilets are two seated and use bacterial mechanisms.

There are other good projects like Digital numbering of houses, the establishment of technical colleges, the establishment of industries, which are supposed to start real soon.

We wish good luck to this fantastic Municipality and thank Mayor Basu Dev Ghimire and other institutions and people who are working hard in making a better city.


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