Manoj Gajurel’s 20 Years Relationship Ends

Marital status of popular comedian Manoj Gajurel was one of the newsmakers this week. He is now a single man.

 Marriage is as yet not only a private undertaking in our general public, and separation is miles from winding up so. You need to clear up issues to others since they need to know, particularly when you are the celeb. Your issues, issues, weaknesses, torment, blame, disappointments and additionally feasible arrangements are relied upon to be exposed. Or then again else the media, essentially the unregulated online entrances will cook any anecdote about you and post it. Moving up your sleeves against this disorder when you are depleted of vitality is pointless.

2o years of long relationship has finally got a full stop now. Manoj Gajurel hasn’t told anything regarding this but you can watch what his wife has to say about this Divorce in the video below.

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