Mangalhop’s Idiotic Musical Video Burns Nepali Flag And Defames Bahun And Chettri

Mangalhop's idiotic song needs some brain.

Mongol Gyalz Lee has come up with a new senseless and stupid music video “Desh Drohi” where they burn the Nepali National flag and defame Bahun and Chettris.

The video starts with a dialogue “Bahun, Chettri bhaenko magante haru hun, bahun, Chettri haru yo desh ko lutera haru hun, bahun Chettri haru lai aba yo desh bata bistarai bistarai khdenu parcha”

Netizens are filled with rage over the stupid musical video and they are demanding to ban the video and punish the singer. Netizens believe the singer is trying to spread hatred and divide Nepalis.


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