Man Advocates For Marijuana Legalization, Lights Up Joint In The Court

A startling incident has happened in a courtroom in Lebanon. 20 years old guy in a courthouse lighted up a loaded Joint in front of the judges.

20 years old Spencer Alan Boston was in the court before Judge Haywood Barry on Monday at the Wilson County Courtroom for a simple drug possession charge.

Spencer Alan Boston
Spencer Alan Boston. Creds. Tennessean

Alan Boston at the Courtroom started advocating Marijuana and added up giving his viewpoints on ‘why Marijuana should be legalized’.

In the video captured by CCTV at the court, Boston reaches his Jacket pocket, brings out a loaded Joint and starts taking multiple puffs.

Boston is now charged with multiple charges one for a simple drug possession charge and another for misconduct. Boston is being held on a $3,000 bond and will have to stay at least 10 days in jail.


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