Maghe Sakranti – All You Need To Know

First of all happy Maghe Sakranti to all of you in advance. Stay warm and happy.

Magh 1 is a festive hub for many Nepali communities; basically, for Hindus, Budhhists and Kirants.

Hindu community celebrates Magh 1 as “Makar Sakranti” while Magar community celebrates this day as “Maghe Sakrati”. Likewise, the Tharu communities of Nepal celebrate Magh 1 as “Maghi/ Khichara Festival”. Similary the Sunuwar community celebrates this day as “Sami Pidar Festival”, Rai community on the other hand celebrates as “Yele Theche Festival”.

Different communities may treat Magh 1 as separate festival but everyone enjoy meeting their relatives and loved ones and cherish their specific food recipe. Food lovers get to enjoy various food items like Khichadi, Chaaku, Til ko Laddu , Tarul and many more.

Maghe Sakranti – All You Need To Know

Maghe Sakranti is widely known as Maghi in Nepal especially in Tharu community. In Tharu community, people celebrate this festival with full joy and sharing happiness. People go to banks of the rivers and take baths to remain spiritually clean.

Happy Maghe Sakranti 2020

According to religious beliefs, the month of Magh is special. It is not auspicious to do weddings and other cultural fests in the month of Poush so as soon as Magh starts all the auspicious cultural carnivals are started. Also with the advent of Magh people believe the cold will end and warm days will come.

In this festival,  families and relatives remain with each other sharing feelings and enjoying delicious meals. This type of festivals help us to strengthen our bonds among people so festivals need to be preserved and conserved as well as should be passed from generations to generations. This will ultimately conserve our unique culture and religion.


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