These Seven Books Have Been Nominated For Madan Puraskar

Seven Nepali books have been selected for “Madan Puraskar 2075″

This Madan Puraskar is being regulated by “Madan Puraskar Guthi”. From the list of 257 different books 7 books have been nominated for further selection says the director of Madan Purskar Guthi Kunda Dixit.

There will be one winner for “Madan Puraskar 2075” and the winner will get a cash price of NRS 2 Lacs.

The list of the books nominated for “Madan Puraskar 2075” are:

  1. “Ekadesma” By Sanu Sharma
  2. “Okkal Dokkal Pippal Paat” By Bindu Sharma
  3. “Gya” By Kumar Nagrakoti
  4. “Faatsung” By Chuden Kabimo
  5. “Marichika” By Mahesh Thapa
  6. “Ranhaar” By Yogesh Raj
  7. “Bichaar Ko Lash” By Dhurba Sapkota
Madan Puraskar 2075 Nomination List


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