Should Lockdown Be Extended Further In Nepal?

The government has to extend the lockdown further. Considering that the coronavirus cases have been rising.

Nepal government initially had enforced the lockdown from 11th Chaitra to 18th Chaitra 2076. However, keeping in the mind that the Corona Virus was still a threat and beyond control, the government extended the lockdown to 3rd Baisakh and then to 15th Baisakh 2077 respectively. And now since the 15th of Baishakh is approaching we have a question yet again-if it is wise to extend the lockdown period further?

The number of Coronavirus cases is increasing rapidly in Nepal. As of today (10th Baisakh,2077) there have been 47 Coronavirus cases in the country. 11 new cases were registered in a day yesterday and 3 new cases have been registered as of today. Out of 47 cases, only 7 have recovered.

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Our government doesn’t seem to have any contingency plans for Pandemic like this. The Corona cases have been spreading like a wildfire. In this case, the best thing is lockdown because the government can’t control if the situation gets worsen.

The government has to extend the lockdown further. Considering that the coronavirus cases have been rising, it looks likely that the government will extend the lockdown in Nepal. The fact that only around 9000 samples have been tested means there can be more people who are infected but not tested yet. Like the people in Udayapur, there may be people who we are completely unaware of being infected and if lockdown were to open immediately, there is a huge risk of a large population getting infected.

In the present situation, where Nepal can’t handle such pandemic situations the lockdown should be extended further to cause less harm. However, there are some concerns that the government should address while extending the lockdown.

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The daily wage earners have suffered a lot. The migrant workers are forced to walk on foot to their homes because of no food. A lot of medicines have been unavailable in many parts of the country. If these concerns are not regarded then people will die of hunger and lack of medicines during this lockdown.

As the coronavirus case is increasing and the number of people tested is very less, the virus is still a large threat to us and further lockdown is much longer needed. As far as I see, a lockdown of 15 further days till the end of Baisakh is appropriate as of now.

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