Is Tubemate, Vidmate Legal And Safe To Download Videos?

There is a clear cut fact that Vidmate and Tubemate are most popular video downloading apps that lets an user to download and watch medias online. However these apps are not available on playstore and appstore; ever wondered why? Well we will be discussing about this on Nep Stuffs.

Tubemate and Vidmate lets an user to download medias and videos from websites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Daily Motion and many more. They also let one to watch it online. However, beside this there comes a trending question, Is it legal and safe to use such apps and download medias from other third party sites?

Downloading Tubemate and Vidmate is legal and using it to watch medias online from Youtube, Facebook, etc is safe and legal unless you use them to download the videos. The applications themselves quote that these apps can’t be used for commercial purpose and are to be used safely for private use. To be more simple, the client can download medias to play them only if they are to be used for private purpose. Its conditions prohibit the redistribution of those videos and medias, by methods for any channel, and clearly can’t be associated with any business exchanges.

On the next side of the coin, Youtube, Facebook and other sites forbid to download their videos and they say that their videos and medias are to be only watched and enjoyed inside their platform only. Therefore, according to the terms of Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc we can’t download their videos  even if they are for our own private use. So they suggest us to watch their medias only inside their platform.

In conclusion, Downloading and using Vidmate and Tubemate is legal and safe. One can use Vidmate and Tubemate as a browser and use them to watch videos online through Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, etc. However using these apps to download videos even for personal use are not considered legal. This is why to protect the copyright of it’s creators Google (Youtube is part of google) doesn’t allow Vidmate and Tubemate to be in Playstore.


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