Is Kim Jong-Un Dead? Here Is The Truth

Social medias are flooded with funeral photos of supreme leader Kim Jong-Un of North Korea.

But upon fact check, there is no any official news on the death of Kim Jong-Un. Talking about the photos being viral on the internet. They have been heavily edited and altered using the funeral photos of his father, Kim Jong II.

The current hoax and rumors suggest that Kim Jong is dead due to heart attack and some say he is brain dead. However, there is no confirmation of his death until now from North Korea State Media or any ally countries.

With the edited photo, there’s also an excerpt that suggests that the death of Kim Jong-Un has been verified by a TV from china and has shared some visuals from his funeral.

Fake News Viral On Internet

However, some leading publications have suggested that Kim Jong-Un is unhealthy and is being treated currently. Also, North Korea’s ally, China has sent some set of doctors to examine him.

Kim Jong-Un has been a leader of North Korea since 2011, when his father, Kim Jong Il died of a heart attack. Kim Jong Il had replaced his father, Kim Il Sung, who died of a heart attack in 1994.


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