Is Feminism Worth Fighting For? This Is What Sadhguru Says


Sadhguru on Feminism

Sadhguru– See there is a meaning to equal opportunity for all human beings. You should not even consider their gender. “Women should have rights,” I don’t like that. All peoples should have an equal chance and opportunity, and they should choose what they want to do. What a man wants to do, what a woman wants to do it’s the choice of an individual.

See, this is the problem, when something is going wrong, people react to that, and they think they can correct it by reversing everything. The reverse is not the answer, the reaction is not the answer. What you do in the reaction will always lead to one kind of injustice, which in turn will lead to another kind of injustice.

There are various aspects attached to this, but feminism – if you are importing it from the United States –most of the feminists – they didn’t live well.

They talked and talked and talked, and in the end, their life is empty, not because there is no man. You don’t need a man – it’s your choice, okay. But the problem is, constantly being in a state of reaction doesn’t lead to the well-being of a human being.

This is one species. We should not forget this. These are not two species. This is one species. The species is made in such a way, that they have to coexist, there is the only possibility to exist together. There is no other way.

Question is, how much need you have for the opposite gender, or you don’t have the need for it, that’s up to individual choices. But fundamentally, there is no such thing as superiority or inferiority. Once again, this superiority business has come, or this male-domination has happened in various societies, mainly because we made economics the most important thing. Money is the only value. Now, the go-getter in the family is the only value.

Let me share this with you. My mother did not earn a rupee in her life, and she didn’t care about earning a rupee. But can you think that that family… can you think of that family without her? Is it even a possibility? Rubbish! It’s simply rubbish that somebody thinks, “Oh, she didn’t earn a rupee, so she must have been a slave, so she was a housewife. She worked all the time, nobody paid her.”

This is just stupid stuff, okay! Because money has become the greatest value. Right now, in this town, if you say, “There is a big man,” this doesn’t mean he has a big body – we don’t value them anymore. It doesn’t mean he has a big brain or a big heart, or big something else. No! He just has a big pocket! So this has to change in society. If money is the only value, the male is the only value, I want you to understand this.

Today, in the name of feminism, unfortunately, a whole lot of women are desperately trying to be like men.

If you look in, you know, business districts of the United States and the UK and other places, I feel terrible for these women. All the time, they have to be in a certain way. It is so hard to be a woman in western countries these days. It at one time, it looked like freedom.

You will see, it is so extremely difficult to be a woman because she has to be always balancing on four-inch heels, and she has to be dressed like this, and she has to carry these bags like a man. Everything heavy, bags and computers, and going here, going there, just doing the same stupid things that man is doing.

This is all about how I earned a few dollars more than another man. This is just a stupid way to structure life both for a man and a woman. And for a woman, it will lead to a lot more suffering.

Today, I think over forty-five years of age – 42 percent of the women in America are on some kind of antidepressant or something else.

This doesn’t speak well. This doesn’t show that it worked, isn’t it? If this has to go, the front end of your life should be your consciousness. Why consciousness is… See, when we sit here, your body is your body, my body is my body, a hundred percent. Now you are very cautiously agreeing-disagreeing because your mind is your mind, my mind is my mind.

But when it comes to life, there is no such thing as your life and my life. There is just life. This is a living cosmos. You captured a little bit of life, I captured a little bit, somebody else captured a little bit. If you put that as the frontend of your life, all these discriminations, prejudice, nonsense – your body will not work against you and anybody, your mind will not work against you or anybody, your emotions will not work against you or anybody, because it is the identity which decides how your mind functions, isn’t it?

Right now, this feminism is coming from, “I’m identified as a woman.” No, physically, you are a woman. It’s fine. Fifty percent of the population should be women, always. Always, it should be. That is good. You are identified as a woman at one level, but your identity need not be one hundred percent with your female body, because this means we are identifying with body parts. If we must identify with body parts, why choose reproductive organs, at least choose the brains.



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This post has been taken from one of Sadguru’s video.


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