Indian Cyber Troops Hacked Kathmandu Medical College Website

Indian Cyber Troops who hacked multiple Nepali websites before returned back to hack KMC' website.

It looks like the India-Nepal hacking war has started again. Indian Cyber Troops who hacked multiple websites few months ago have hacked Kathmandu Medical College’s (KMC) website.

KMC website hacked by Indian Cyber Troops..

In the home page they have placed their own content which includes Indian Cyber Troops logo and bunch of message for Nepali people.

They have written “This is a little reply from Indian Cyber troops to your childish act of attacking Indian sites. A suggestion to you please stay miles away from Indian cyber space or you may suffer sever consequences. Stay Away From Indian Cyber Space. Jay Hind”

Kathmandu Medical College Website Hacked ! Attacker : CYPH3R Nepali kids Stay Away From Indian Cyber Space #ICT#JaiHindKiSena

Geplaatst door Indian Cyber Troops op Donderdag 16 juli 2020


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