India Will Not Go Pakistan For The T20 Asia Cup: BCCI

India will be not going to Pakistan to play in the Twenty20 Asia Cup scheduled to be held in Pakistan in September.

The BCCI has said that “Pakistan is free to host the Asia Cup. There is no hindrance from India” Also they added, but India at this time is unable to go to Pakistan for Asia Cup.

Previously, The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has said that they will not go to India to play T20 World Cup 2020  if India doesn’t come to the Asia Cup.

India is hosting the T20 World Cup this year. Similarly, the Asia Cup T-20 will be held in Pakistan in September this year.

The political tension between India and Pakistan has also been linked to cricket. From time to time such things happen between these two. This is not a new topic, but the fact is that it does hamper the Cricketing environment of the world.


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