India-Nepal Cyber War Reaches To Next Level: Indian Hacker Hacked CAAN’s Website

Indian hacker hacked Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CANN's) website.

The India-Nepal cyber war has reached to next evil level after Indian hacker hacked Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal’s (CAAN) website.

A hacker named ‘Ghost057-5P3C706’ has controlled Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal’s (CAAN) website and put Indian flag in the home page with a message “Just because we are silent and we don’t react doesn’t mean didn’t notice.”

Indian hacker hacked CAAN's site
Indian Hacker ‘Ghost057-5P3C706’ hacked CAAN’s site.

This is not the first Nepali website being hacked by Indian hackers. After the border dispute has risen, hackers from both the countries got involved in the hacking war. Numerous Indian sites have been taken down by Nepali hackers (Satan Cyber God & Brahma). At the same time Indian hackers community have been dominating Nepal’s cyber space by controlling multiple sites.


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