ICC To Legalize Ball-tampering Once Cricket Resumes

ICC came up with an idea of legalizing ball-tampering after the end of coronavirus threat.

In cricket, ball tampering is an action in which a fielder illegally alters the condition of the ball with the motive of attaining more swing. According to cricket rules, ball tampering is considered as illegal part of the game which may lead to the suspension of players from cricket.

International Cricket Council(ICC) On Ball-tampering

Recently in a meeting, International Cricket council(ICC) came up with an idea to make ball-tampering legal in cricket as soon as the pandemic of coronavirus came to the end. ICC was focused to this idea as players use saliva on the ball during the match which seems to be harmful according to the present situation of globe about COVID-19.

According to the report of ESPNCricinfo, administration are allowing for the use of an agreed artificial substance to polish the ball under the supervision of umpires which indicate the rule of ball-tampering.

ICC medical committee raised the question on the use of saliva as unsafe according to current situation of globe.

There will be lot of controversy if this idea came to an action as we have recently follow the bans on Steve Smith ball-tampering case.

Steve Smith Ball-tampering

Besides, more positive response can be seen from the players and boards keeping an eye on pandemic of COVID-19.

“Our next step is to create a roadmap for the resumption of international cricket which will include criteria for decision making and a checklist for what needs to happen.This will consider everything from player preparation to government restrictions and advisories and bio-bubbles. The scale and complexity of getting cricket started again cannot be underestimated particularly with respect to a global event, ” said Peter Harcourt as quoted by India Today.

What is your view on legalizing Ball-tampering in cricket?


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