ICC To Remove Its Ban On CAN This October

ICC To Lift Up Its Ban ON CAN This October
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Governing body of cricket of Nepal, Cricket Association Of Nepal (CAN) has been banned by International Cricket Association(ICC) since April 2016.

ICC suspended Cricket Association Of Nepal (CAN) from its membership in the allegation of breaching Article 2.9 of the ICC’s Articles of Association. Which means ICC had suspended the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) in view of government interference in the board in April 2016. However, It allowed the national teams to continue playing in international competitions.

Due to this, Nepali cricketers were hindered from their pay after the ICC suspended CAN. Earlier to the ban, CAN have classified players in ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ and agreed for monthly pay accordingly in 2015. However, following the ICC’s decision, the pay was frozen.

The similar allegation has been accused to Zimbabwe Cricket recently. ICC mentioned that “Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) had failed to ensure its board free from government interference.”

ICC To Lift Up Its Ban ON CAN This October
Zimbabwe suspension by ICC over ‘political interference’
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But there is a piece of good news for every Nepali Cricket fans because the International Cricket Council (ICC) would soon uplift its ban on Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN).

The recently concluded General Assembly of the International Cricket Council (ICC) reviewed the electoral manner in Nepal. And ICC is quite happy with the progress made here.

Lekh Bahadur Chhetri, who is also the first captain of the Nepali Cricket team mentioned that “ICC has given the board a mandate to postpone the suspension if the Cricket Association’s election process completes soon.”

Before that, the election process of the center must be completed along with the district and province. Until now Cricket union elections have been completed in 36 districts out of the total 39 districts and only Kathmandu, Parsa and Banke are yet to be held.

CAN is planning to complete its all the electoral process and other tasks till this September. If then, the ICC’s board meeting in October will be able to halt Nepal’s suspension after CAN dresses new executive committee.

ICC To Lift Up Its Ban ON CAN This October


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