Hypocrisy: Is the song wrong or the portrayal?

Wearing ripped jeans–and dancing western style is not an ideal image for Teej.

There is a new song in the market released by Highlights Nepal which is gathering controversy from its release. “Singer” Sophia Thapa’s song entitled “Abako Teej No Brat Please” is now a vexed question for the ideal definition of feminism. Though, the song’s lyric demands equal rights for both males and females during Teej–shows double standard while demanding equality.

According to the dictionary, “Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”

The song carries the meaning of equality by different means. Somehow, it is an awareness of modern Nepali women. Now, what we have to understand is that the song carries a meaningful message which encourages modern-day women not to over-expose themselves by wearing bangles, sari, gold, or whatever materials.

Then, why the controversy?

The song’s appeal is not to have “Brat”–fasting. But, the singer is unable to grasp the real importance of fasting in the Hindu religion. By the way, nobody is compulsive to fast during Teej, she didn’t understand this. According to the Kantipur National Daily, “World Hindu Youth Organization demands to remove this song from YouTube because the song is offensive–and hurts the sentiment of Hindus.” 

By the way, the dancer in the video are wearing ripped jeans and dancing in the western style–which is not suitable for a Teej song. People are criticizing the double standard of feminism portrayed in the music video. It seems she doesn’t know to be modern not only means to wear jeans rejecting saris, to be modern means to adapt the good values from other cultures and apply them in their own culture. Throwing saris and rejecting values won’t make somebody “civilized” and “modern”.

Though this Nepali festival is unique and has its taste, the singer tries to break the traditional values. Her efforts are praiseworthy–but the portrayal is not digestible for the Hindu community. She should learn a lesson from this song to continue her career in the music industry.

Disclaimer: It’s not the writer’s recommendation to watch this song, it depends upon you.


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