Happy Dashain 2079 Wishes, Quotes And SMS

Dashain 2079 Date And Sahit

Vijaya Dashami/ Dashain/ Bada Dashain/ Dussehra date 19th Ashoj 2079 (5th October 2022).

Happy Dashain 2079 Wishes

It is obvious that the Dashain festival can’t be amazing without wishes. Wishes are just words spoken or written but they have a very high significance on the people we wish. Wishes make people happy and important. They think that they are loved and cared for. They have someone who remembers them.

Wishing good wishes for health and prosperity is a part of Dashain tradition now. People love to shower wishes to their loved ones, family members, relatives, and friends.

Below are some beautiful happy Dashain 2079 wishes (Subhakamana), SMS, and quotes in Nepali and English. Send them to your loved ones to make them feel happy and cared for.

Dashain 2079 Wishes and Quotes

Aaayo Dashain charai tira, chayo harsha ra umanga. Khusi rahanu, sukhi rahanu, bada Dashain 2079 ko hardik mangalmaya shubhakamana.

I wish you a very successful and prosperous happy Dashain 2079. May this Dashain bring you good health and money.

Nidhara ma Rato tika hos, Kaan ma Jamara hos, Shir ma thula ko Asshirbaad hos. Bijaya Dashami 2079 ko Hardik mangalmaya subhakamana.

Dubo jhai Jiwan maulaos, sadhai bhari mana ma khusi rahos! Nawa durgako aashirwaad laagos, ajar amar aayu hos. Laxmi mata daaina hun, dhan dhanya le purna hos, Safalta ko sikhar chumos, changa jhai man ramirahos, udirahos, BADA DASHAIN KO SUBHAKAMANA!

Three people were asking your mobile number with me
I didn’t give your number but I gave your address to them.
They are coming to your home in this Dashain.
They are Sukha, Shanti, and Samriddhi.
Please welcome them. Happy Dashain 2079 too you and your family.

Oth ma haso hos. Goji ma paisa hos. Paaila ma Ganesh hun. Mukha ma Sharswati hun. Vijaya Dashami 2079 ko hardik mangalmaya subhakamana.

Maulai rahanu dubo sarii, chhahi rahanu sansar vari. Chamki rahanu juna sari, bachi rahanu juni-juni. Yahi chha yo Dashain 2079 ko hardik mangal maya Shubhakamana.

I wish you good wishes and healthy life in this Dashain.

May God Ram and Godesses Durga always bless you and your family with health, success, and prosperity. Happy Dashain 2079.

May Durga Mata and Lord Ram bless you to fight the evil and bring prosperity. Happy Dashain 2079.

Before the Golden Sun Rise, let me decorate each of the Rays with Wishes of Success,
prosperity, and Happiness for you and your family. Happy Dashain 2079.

Ghyampo bhari raksi hoss
Nidharma rato tika hos
Mukh ma masu hos
Haat ma ekka ko trail hos
Jiwan ma sukha hos
Happy Dashain 2079.
My best wishes to you and your family.

Paani khojda beer bhetiyoos
Dhara kholda Vodka jharos
Chicken khada sapro paros
Mutton khada hyakula paros
Yehi nai Dashain 2079 ko Subhakamana.

Dashain auncha jancha, dasha na aaos,
Tika laincha, khascha, bhagya nakhasos,
Jamara laincha sukcha, khushi nasukos,
Ping khelincha chudinchha sambandhako nachudios.

Happy Dashain 2079 Wishes for Couples BF/GF

It is very much important that couples wish each other during the Dashain festival. Couples should never forget to wish their partners. It is the time when one should wish his/her boyfriend and girlfriend to make them happy and caring. So below are some amazing Dashain wishes that couples, husband and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends can send to their partners during this Dashain 2079.

A Cup of sweet hello, A full plate of good wishes, a spoon of sweet smiles, and A slice of great success Especially for you my sweetheart. Wishing you a very happy Dashain 2079.

With this Dashain may I be able to love and care you and bless you with all the happiness and joy. Happy Dashain 2079 sweetheart.

A warm wish and love from your beautiful honey. Happy Vijaya Dashami 2079.

Wishing you all the happiness of the world. The beauty and calmness of nature. And the health of a turtle. Happy Dashain 2079 my love.

Happy Dashain 2079 Photo Wishes

Happy Dashain Wishes
Happy Dashain 2079 Photo Wish.
Happy Dashain Wish
Happy Dashain 2079 Photo Wish.
Happy Dashain 2079 Wishes
Happy Dashain 2079 Photo Wish.

Dashain Overview

Like every year, the spring of Dashain has spread among Nepali people. The Dashain that comes every year with climate change is a beautifully natural and joyful flash.

Dashain, the great festival of the common Nepali, is approaching amidst the golden paddy hanging in the field, the captivating open view of the blue sky seen above, and the cool breeze of air spreading makes Dashain even more beautiful.

This beautiful season of autumn is very bright. Some are nursing in the blue sky. Some are enjoying the “Dashain Ping”. Those who have temporarily settled in the city have returned home.

The house-yard is made clean. The walls of the house are painted new. Several dishes are being cooked in everyone’s kitchen. There is excitement everywhere. So, the Dashain has come.

A festival of harmony. A festival of unity. A festival to unite every Nepali. That is Dashain.

We celebrate many festivals in our life. Such festivals belong to a religion and caste. And Dashain is one of the greatest festivals celebrated by Hindus. Hindus celebrate festivals like Dashain, Deepawali, Maghe Sakranti, and so on.

Dashain is known with different names. Some call it simply Dashain, Some call it Dussehra, some call it Vijaya Dashami and things like that.

Dashain festival is generally celebrated by the Hindus but the people of other religions are also found to be celebrating this Dashain festival nowadays. Dashain festival is normally celebrated in Ashwin or Karthik.

Dashain (Vijaya Dashami) is celebrated as the greatest national festival in our country Nepal. On the other hand, Hindus from India celebrate Dashain as Dussehra.

Dashain festival is believed to be the symbol of victory of virtue over sin. The victory of good over bad. The victory of light over darkness. The victory of truth over falseness. Taking the social message that truth triumphs over falsehood, this festival has its own special significance. The glory of Dashain can be sung from any religious, social, economic, and cultural angle.

It has been celebrated since lord Ram got victory over the demon king, Ravan, in Ramayana. It is believed that Ram was able to make Goddess Durga impress with him by worshipping her. That’s why he was blessed and empowered with so many guts and power to defeat King Ravana. Therefore Dashain is viewed to be deeply rooted in antiquity. As a result, Dashain is believed to have historical as well as cultural significance.

The festival is also called Bada Dashain. It generally falls in September according to the lunar calendar. It is generally celebrated for 15 days but all the days are not equally important we realize.

The tenth day is the most important day. It is called a Vijaya Dashami. The first day is called Ghatasthapana. On this day people sow the seeds of barley, maize, wheat to use the seedlings of these seeds during the Dashain festival. The seedlings are called Jamara and they are used as flowers to worship the gods and goddesses and to put on with the Tika.

The seventh day of the Dashain festival is called, Fulpaati. On the day and onwards Goddess Durga is specially worshiped. The 8th and 9th are called Asthami and Mahanavami respectively. On the days, goats, he buffaloes Cocks, ducks, etc are sacrificed and offered to the Goddess Durga.

The 10th day is known as Vijaya Dashami. On the tenth day of the Dashain festival, all the junior family members and relatives get red marks on the forehead(Tika). Such tika from seniors to juniors during Dashain is believed to pass blessings from goddess Durga.

People enjoy numerous types of foods during this Dashain festival. Especially children seem to be very happy because it is highly enjoyable for the children as they are provided with new and attractive clothes and they get money after putting on the tika. They enjoy various types of games because they get completely leisure time. All the family members get together all the government offices, schools, colleges, and the non-government organization gets closed during this Dashain festival.

It is a festival to enhance and boost up brotherhood, family hood, feelings, and experience among relatives, family, and neighbors. In fact this Dashain festival hands over symbolic significance to human civilization.

There are many falsifications and inconsistencies in the tradition of observing Dashain. It should be eaten in a healthy and sweet way. Alcohol and meat are eaten in a rough manner in the Dashain festival which is harmful to health. Many of the Nepali people have a habit of showing off and bragging in Dashain which is very bad. This festival should be observed with the resources and money you have. There’s nothing to show by you sinking in the deep pit of debt.It should be celebrated properly we should not spend more money unnecessarily. I think that sacrificing and offering animals and birds to the Goddess is not good. Goddess Durga will not be satisfied if we offer the birds and animals. I think she will be satisfied if we kill the evil demon and behavior. That’s why Dashain should be celebrated for the betterment of all the life components.


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