Grade 11 English Notes

The Recurring Dream

The story begins with a portrayal of Kimberly Clark, the hero of the story, who is twenty five yeas old with all characteristics of an ordinary young lady. She is beautiful, she cherishes to move, and she has numerous companions and a decent position in the workplace of a huge organization. In spite of these all, she has an issue. She has been harried by an unusual and baffling dream that frequents her consistently.

The odd dream dependably starts on a county street. Kim remains on this street and sees a path with a white fence and a support on each side. Toward the finish of the path, on the highest point of a little slope, she sees a little white house with green screens. At that point she strolls up the path to the house, goes in and glances around. In one of the rooms, she finds a man sleeping in bed. He is a little old man with white hair and a white beards. When she draws close to his bed, the man awakens. At that point he sits up and takes a deep look at her. When she tries to talk to him, she awakens. She is extremely amazed agitated by the fantasy since she has never known any little old man that way and neither the place.
Kim’s roommate knows everything. So, one day she proposes Kim to visit her (Janet’s) parents’ farm house to feel peace in mind. As they pass through a country road, Kim sees the similar scene which she sees in her dream. They stop there. Janet does not want Kim to go and see the small cottage but Kim goes.

The house was exactly the same, except for a sign in front of the house which said ‘FOR SALE’. Unlike her dream, Kim goes to the door of the house and knocks and to her surprise the same old man answers the door who immediately closes the door. After Kim’s request, he opens the door. Kim again asks why the house is for sale. The old man reveals that the house is haunted by a ghost. Kim tries hard to think to say something instead asks who the ghost is. The old man gets surprised and shocks her by replying that she herself is the ghost.

The Lost Doll

The single child of Roberto and Rosa Soto was Maria del Carmen. She was excellent. She was brilliant, kind, and cherishing yet When she turned four, she was exceptionally powerless and sick and passed on a couple of days after the fact. After Carmen’s demise, Rosa gave away Carmen’s things to the neighborhood priest of the other town, thinking that they would not have next kid as told by the doctor. Despite of doctors statement Roberto had trust. Rosa felt that it was just a false expectation.
As Roberto was watching out to the backyard where Carmen frequently played, he remembered a little doll which Carmen used to play with. It was not given to the priest and was in Carmen’s grasp (hand) when she kicked the bucket (Died). Rosa additionally did not think about it and neither did Roberto. They looked all over and asked carmen’s friends, the neighboring youngsters, and even the funeral director however no one knew about the lost doll.

On the frst death anniverssary of Carmen Rosa was pregnant which made them to forget about the lost doll, Rosa gave birth to another infant young charming girl. The child was named ‘Evangelina’ that meant ‘Good News’. She was same as Carmen in appearance, activity, and characters the only difference was she was fit and healthy unlike carmen.

One day when Evangelina was four, she said that she had been sick long back. She even said about the doll that Carmen used to play in the backyard. However They didn’t give any significant response to her talks as she was too small and thought she was telling all these form the story that she used hear form the family members. Amid their discussion, Evangelina said that she knew in regards to the doll. She took her mom and her auntie into the lawn and requested that her mom to dig the solid ground by the tree. Amazingly, they found the lost doll under the ground.

Evangelina said that  when she was sick, the priest came and prayed. Then she went to sleep but a real nice man woke her up. He did not let her take her doll with her. She wanted to bury the doll in the yard. So, he helped her put it under the ground without a shovel. Rosa was speechless.

Such Kind of story only happen in books in myths. They are outside the boundary of science so such stories are concluded as Super Natural Story.

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